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How to increase traffic to your website

Ask any business owner what their goal is and it’s usually to “get more customers” or “increase profit”. For most businesses looking to grow, creating a great online presence with a new website is only just the start. These days, having a great website is simply not enough. To attract more virtual visitors and increase your website ranking, you’ll need to implement various processes to optimise your site. So how do you go about doing that? The great news is that there are many different ways to increase your web traffic including paid and free methods. We’ll explore some of these methods below.


Cost-free Ways To Increase Web Traffic

While increasing web traffic organically may not cost you a cent, you will have to spend a bit of time working with the following methods:

On-page SEO

Optimising your website through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential way to boost organic web traffic. Improving your website’s ranking means it can have greater visibility over your competitors’, making it easier for customers to find your website after searching online for your product or service.


Creating Great Content

Keeping your target audience engaged and interested by creating quality web content is a great way to not only promote your brand, but also to keep visitors coming back to your website. Best of all, engaging content is often shared by your readers, helping to promote your products and services on your behalf.


Social Media

Using social channels to promote content is another effective way to increase web traffic. Posting regularly to social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram is another free method to direct your followers to new content information and blog posts on your website.


Internal Linking

Adding internal links to your website whenever you publish content will not only help improve your SEO ranking, but also create a great user experience when it comes to navigating your website.


Google My Business

Setting up a free Google My Business profile will allow your business to come up in relevant online searches for your business and location. Google My Business can also help promote your business contact information, operating hours and provide a link back to your website to generate traffic from customers already looking to make a purchase.


Paid Ways To Increase Web Traffic

Some of the more effective paid methods to generate traffic to your website include the following:


Google Ads

Google Ads are a pay-per-click (PPC) bidding system to promote your website landing page at the very top of a Google search engine results page (SERP). These ads are quite prominent and appear above the free organic web listings mentioned earlier. With Google Ads, you’re only required to make a payment for your ad every time someone clicks on it and they’ve been directed to your website.


Social Ads

While Google ads come up on a search engine results page, social media ads on the other hand appear in relevant social media feeds to your targeted audience. The benefit of social media ads is that they are highly targetable and can offer a greater ability for you to connect with your audience.

Display Ads

Display ads are branded visual or banner ads that encourage users to click through to a web landing page. These ads usually consist of clickable images or videos that appear on websites or social media platforms and are generally charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.



Start Getting Results!

Whether you choose to implement paid or unpaid methods to increase your website traffic, or even a combination of the two – there’s always something you can do to start getting results. However, most small business owners simply don’t have the time or aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to increasing web traffic. And that’s where our team can help! Increasing web traffic doesn’t have to be difficult or costly with NixGen Digital! Get in touch with us today to discuss your next steps to digital marketing success.

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